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Abigail Beaney is a healthcare reporter for the Clinical Trials Arena. Coming from a journalistic background Abigail holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire. Based in Manchester, Abigail has previously worked in local news and has interests in research into the treatment and prevention of cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Abigail Beaney

‘UK commercial clinical trials will double and double again’ – Lord James O’Shaughnessy

Lord James O’Shaughnessy talks to the Clinical Trials Arena team about his review of commercial clinical trials in the UK and the path the country can take to recovery.

Hope for the UK clinical trial landscape but it requires a lot of work

The Arena International Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK and Ireland discussed how the UK’s clinical trial landscape has taken a hit and what improvements are needed to make it a more viable country for research.

AstraZeneca hopes to make clinical trial operations carbon-negative by 2030

AstraZeneca is working with its collaborators to ensure the changes are not just internal but across the entire chain footprint.

Push for more NHS organisations to get involved in clinical research

Professor Lucy Chappell hopes that research will be more common in the NHS with hospital trusts and GP practices getting involved.

Headband to treat mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease to be trialled

The wearable headband will use its very low-power electrical fields affecting activity in the brain to try and treat Alzheimer’s Dementia.