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Abigail Beaney

Abigail Beaney is a healthcare reporter for the Clinical Trials Arena. Coming from a journalistic background Abigail holds a BA (Hons) in Journalism from the University of Central Lancashire. Based in Manchester, Abigail has previously worked in local news and has interests in research into the treatment and prevention of cancer, heart disease and dementia.

Meet Tina: The AI assistant that monitors neurodegenerative disease progression

Tina is an AI assistant who takes patients through cognitive tests which help clinicians understand the rate of disease progression.

SCOPE: Changing protocol language and site actions are key to making trials inclusive

A panel at the 2024 SCOPE Summit shared their experiences of setting up and running clinical trials that are more inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ community.

SCOPE: FDA facilitates AI and ML use for clinical trials and drug development

Two FDA representatives FDA spoke at the ongoing 2024 SCOPE Summit about how the agency is focusing on AI.

GenAI will be utilised to make NICE website more patient friendly

NICE CEO Dr Sue Roberts acknowledged that you have to be “somewhat of a specialist” to navigate the NICE website but AI is set to change that.

Further positive results reported from Sebela’s investigational IUD

Sebela Women’s Health has announced that its investigational copper IUD shows a reduction in pain and bleeding in post-hoc analysis.

Precision medicine: Promising future as AI, biomarkers and technology bolster the field

Technology is having a significant impact in healthcare and its impact in the development of precision medicine is set to be huge.

‘UK commercial clinical trials will double and double again’ – Lord James O’Shaughnessy

Lord James O’Shaughnessy talks to the Clinical Trials Arena team about his review of commercial clinical trials in the UK and the path the country can take to recovery.

Hope for the UK clinical trial landscape but it requires a lot of work

The Arena International Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK and Ireland discussed how the UK’s clinical trial landscape has taken a hit and what improvements are needed to make it a more viable country for research.

AstraZeneca hopes to make clinical trial operations carbon-negative by 2030

AstraZeneca is working with its collaborators to ensure the changes are not just internal but across the entire chain footprint.

Push for more NHS organisations to get involved in clinical research

Professor Lucy Chappell hopes that research will be more common in the NHS with hospital trusts and GP practices getting involved.