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Surgical sutures market to reach $4.5bn in 2033

Many surgeries are trending towards less invasive procedures, which has led to a shift in suture development.

GlobalData highlights the need for tuberculosis screening for World Tuberculosis Day

GlobalData predicts that the TB tests market will be valued at $441.8m by 2030.

The opportunities and challenges of ChatGPT in the healthcare industry

AI-enabled virtual agents will be used to engage with patients and offer health advice, but personal information must be protected.

2023: The decline of COVID-19 testing

As Covid testing declines, there will be increased multiparameter testing for a range of respiratory diseases.

GlobalData highlights the lack of IVD tests for rare diseases

Millions of people are lacking adequate diagnostic devices and treatments for diseases with little scientific knowledge.

Diabetes care resilience to economic conditions

According to the WHO, the prevalence of diabetes globally is approaching 9%.

Covid-19 tests market remains resilient

Cepheid continues to be the clear market leader in Covid-19 testing.

AI-powered software launched by Genomic Vision

GlobalData forecasts that the market for AI platforms for the entire healthcare industry will reach $4.3bn by 2024.