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A data-led look at the booming remote patient monitoring market

Remote patient monitoring is revolutionising patient care, with the substantial market growth is predicted to continue.

Luck of the Irish: US medical coatings specialist seeks European base

Responding to a flurry of European demands to meet increasingly complex requirements for medical devices, US-based coatings specialist Formacoat is looking into establishing a presence in Ireland.

The risks of endotoxins in water systems: Where they arise and how to respond

Purifying water may kill bacteria but can also result in contaminants in the form of endotoxins. We examine where the risks occur and what are the considerations for water systems.

Harnessing the potential of 3D printing for medical device coatings

3D printing is a revolutionary technology that is starting to transform the production of medical device coatings, offering greater possibilities for coverage of unconventional geometries and shapes. We speak to experts at Formacoat to find out how the company is incorporating 3D printing in its application of coatings for medical devices.

Preventing the spread of nontuberculous mycobacteria in water systems

There are many opportunities for nontuberculous mycobacteria to spread in water distribution systems. This can lead to serious lung infections in anyone, and people with weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible. We look at some of the potential transmission points of NTM in water systems, identify areas at highest risk, and explain how Pall’s suite of water filtration products can ensure safety in health facilities.

Streamlining the time to market for medical devices 

Getting medical devices to the market is vital for bringing in revenue for manufacturers and delivering improvements to the health of patients. For new medical devices, obtaining the right coating is essential for success. Yet development timelines can be extended by the need to determine the optimum materials, especially if factors such as chemistry are not correctly identified at the outset. We learn how Formacoat’s expertise in coatings can streamline the time to market for medical devices.

Optimising biopharma production through process intensification

Process intensification has long been viewed in biopharma production as a means to increase production efficiency and reduce costs. Yet the pathway there is not always straightforward, there are a number of approaches that can be taken. New technologies are pivotal in delivering advances in process intensification, and we learn more about how the 3M™ Harvest RC Chromatographic Clarifier can achieve this.

Avoiding supply chain disruption with medical device coatings

Supply chain disruptions are causing severe delays to medical device development, with coatings a key area that is also experiencing issues in securing raw materials to meet strict timelines. We look at the ways that Formacoat is better insulated than most in the coatings field thanks to its innovative development processes and comprehensive in-house production capabilities.

Overcoming challenges with scalability in biopharma manufacturing

Production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) therapies has traditionally been expensive and complicated. Scaling up from discovery to lab scale and then to commercial manufacturing can be streamlined by using a consistent approach. We speak to Dr Hani El-Sabbahy, Advanced Application Engineering Specialist from 3M, to understand more about overcoming problems with scalability and reliability of clarification solutions.

The Formacoat Formula: What’s behind the success of the innovator in coatings?

What makes a niche business like Formacoat work? The answer lies in its expertise, integrity, and methodology. Formacoat has a holistic approach that aims to address what customers want from their medical devices – and why. To learn more, we speak to Formacoat CEO Mark Gross and his two sons, Brecon and Brontë, who are both involved in company operations.