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Codex Labs launches SGBNET platform for genetic counselling

The platform comprises DermSCORE, an AI analytic that monitors acne lesions, comedones, or hyperpigmentation.

Alafair Biosciences’s VersaWrap device receives FDA 510(k) clearance

The clearance allows paediatric surgeons and medical facilities to treat younger patients using the VersaWrap Class II medical device.

BD introduces new ultrasound system for clinicians

The SiteRite 9 vascular access ultrasound system comprises integrated visualisation tools.

Argon Medical introduces Kodiak kit for vascular procedures

The device is designed to precisely introduce diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vasculature in a streamlined manner.

Asep’s AI-based sepsis technology receives patent approval in US

Asep is considering formal clinical 510(k) studies for the technology.

Thornhill to boost mobile anaesthesia technology production

The technology has been deployed in critical care scenarios such as Ukraine.

Dalhousie University to secure grant to improve MRI technologies

The improved technologies could result in a clearer and less distorted image.

Redcliffe opens new diagnostic labs in Uttar Pradesh

The new labs are set to offer a range of diagnostic services ranging from biochemistry to hematology.

Western University receives 15.2 Tesla MRI system

The system will allow trainees the opportunity of hands-on experience with advanced MRI technology.

Siemens receives FDA clearance for Biograph Vision.X scanner

The system is designed to fit into any room that holds a PET/CT scanner from the Biograph Vision brand.