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Navigating data consent in the era of connected healthcare

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies have transformed what is possible in healthcare. Tech has resulted in better patient outcomes due to faster diagnoses and personalised therapies. Inevitably though, this tech collects more sensitive data than ever before. We explore how companies and health authorities can manage the data privacy complexities of connected healthcare to build patient trust and ensure transparency.

eCOA roadmap: Five key steps to patient-focused drug development

For clinical trial providers, the paper-based COA process has been rife with challenges and subject to error. Digitalisation offers a better way.

How the life sciences sector can defend against the top five data protection challenges

Pharma and healthcare organisations use patient data to deliver personalised treatments and efficient care, but the digitalisation of the industry raises new privacy and cybersecurity concerns. We explore how the life sciences industry can address these challenges to create a secure and compliant health data ecosystem.

No more cookies: How healthcare companies can gain trust for data consent

Healthcare and life sciences companies have long relied on third-party cookies for their digital marketing. As browsers now start to block these data-tracking tools, we explore how companies can deliver personalised digital experiences by using a transparent digital approach.