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Catherine Longworth is the Editor for Medical Device Network, covering developments across the medical technology and health tech industry. An experienced writer, Catherine has covered the industry since 2016 and has a background in biomedical science and journalism. Her previous experience includes reporting for Medtech Insight (Citeline, formerly Informa Pharma Intelligence) and Bioworld (Clarivate).

Catherine Longworth


Overturning Roe: Impact on IVF treatment technologies

What may Roe versus Wade mean for reproductive tech?

Talk to the bot: AI assistant marks breakthrough for UK mental health

Limbic’s AI therapy assistant is the first and only mental health chatbot to earn Class IIa UKCA medical device certification.

Digital health outlook: trends to watch in 2023

Big data and AI attracted attention in 2022, but recession concerns and reimbursement uncertainty may continue to halt investments in 2023.

Fertility tech in 2023: At-home, personalisation and accessibility

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe explores the latest advancements in the fertility treatment space.

2022 Medtech M&A activity fails to reach the heady heights of 2021

After a promising start to the year, medical device investors lost confidence during the second half of 2022.

2022 Medtech: The shadow of Covid-19 lingers over industry

Medical Device Network reviews some of the key trends that defined the medical device sector in 2022.

How advancing tech has shaped mental health in 2022

A year in progress: Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and gaming have increasingly featured in mental health treatment and management.

Plenty of phish: medical device manufacturers urged to assess cybersecurity risk and readiness

Critical vulnerabilities across the medical device supply chain continue to be a source of major concern.

Health at home: outlines scale-up plans for smartphone-based CKD test

For Diabetes Awareness Month, tells Medical Device Network how its Minuteful Kidney smartphone test can help address health inequities.

AI-led brain scanning tech: Progressing mental health care

Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe investigates the growth of brain scanning technology in mental health.