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Darcy Jimenez

Darcy Jimenez is a healthcare reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharma Technology Focus magazine, covering drug research, development, production and regulation. She is particularly interested in stories about AI, antibiotic resistance, and global health equality.

CoSara’s Saraplex RT-PCR test receives Indian regulator approval

The Saraplex multiplex RT-PCR test is developed using Co-Diagnostics’ CoPrimer technology.

How will the NHS tackle the surgical backlog?

Over five million people are waiting for surgical treatment in England, due to a backlog of cancelled non-emergency procedures.

Exscientia receives $1.5m Gates Foundation grant for AI-designed Covid-19 drugs

The project aims to identify drugs that are effective against Covid-19, as well as new mutations or other SARS viruses that could emerge.

Dante Labs acquires to build precision oncology software

The integrated platform would combine medical, germline, somatic and liquid biopsy data analysis for targeted cancer treatments.