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How to ensure the smooth trade of med-tech post-Brexit

Healthcare technologies currently move across a frictionless border between the UK and the EU, bringing benefits for manufacturers and patients on both sides. Elly Earls finds out what needs to happen to maintain the smooth trade of medical goods after Britain leaves the EU.

Wireless charging for medical devices: breakthrough brings new solution

A new wireless charging system can power implants efficiently no matter where they are or how they’re positioned in the body. Elly Earls meets one of its inventors to find out how it works.

Where will wireless charging and iPhone streaming take the ‘bionic ear’?

Innovations in accessibility, often achieved first in the mobile tech space, are filtering into the medical sector, opening eyes – and, literally, ears – like never before. Elly Earls looks at a cochlear implant powered by wireless charging and the world’s first ‘made for iPhone’ sound processor.

Nanokicking: could a swift kick up the stem cell provide a new cure for bone injuries?

A group of scientists in Scotland have found that giving stem cells a miniscule, ultra-precise ‘kick’ can turn them into bone cells. Elly Earls meets one of the researchers behind the innovation to find out about the technology’s applications for healing bone fractures.

Solving drug adherence with connected technologies

Non-adherence to treatment regimens costs healthcare systems hundreds of billions of dollars every year. But could connected technologies be the solution? Elly Earls reports.