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Senior writer at GMS, GlobalData. Previously feature writer at Just Style. TABBIE Honourable Mention winner. BA (Open) in English | BSc (Hons) in Geosciences. Also a graphic designer with certificates in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Lives by the beach.

Breathe easy: How 3D printing gives premature babies a perfect-fitting mask

Creating customised breathing masks for preterm newborns is just one of the ways that 3D printing (additive manufacturing) with silicone could change the medical device industry.

The freedom to experiment with coatings for medical devices  

When it comes to experimenting with medical device coatings, sticking to known practices and production methods is often viewed as an easier and cost-effective option. What makes Formacoat unique is the company’s willingness to experiment with coatings, with highly innovative R&D processes to find the optimum solution.  

The benefits of using an app to manage gestational diabetes: Niki’s story

When expectant mothers are diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) they often feel anxious and need extra support. Diagnosed while pregnant with her fifth child, Niki found that a simple, easy-to-use app was a huge help.

The mighty NiTi: Defeating nitinol challenges in medical device manufacturing 

Nitinol offers numerous advantages for medical devices, including increased strength and unique shape memory abilities. But manufacturers must either overcome significant challenges or work with a seasoned company who has already mastered the nitinol grinding and shape-setting processes.

Smart materials and compact designs are driving MedTech innovations in guidewires 

Medical device manufacturers are raising the bar in the development of next-generation medical equipment as demand for precision treatments continues to grow. In this article, we examine what this means in the world of guidewire design.

How value-added services fulfil client needs and boost MedTech market competitiveness 

A contract manufacturer that offers a variety of value-added services can help your medical device projects go more smoothly and successfully. Cleanroom assembly, laser and plasma welding, custom assemblies, and professional guidance and advice are all examples of such services.

Sourcing wire coils: Helping OEMs make the perfect choice for their medical device 

Many medical devices rely on specialist wire coils, and market research suggests advancements in procedures are creating new market opportunities for the industry. But how can an OEM determine which coil is best? A world-renowned coiling expert has the answer.

Marketing pain management: targeting for success 

Part of a series on leading marketing pain points.
Marketing has seen some epic misfires in the last decade. What could possibly go wrong?

Software as a Medical Device: Why companion apps are a growing MedTech trend

Remote Patient Monitoring, incorporated within mobile health apps, is increasingly prescribed alongside traditional treatments. MedTech companies are looking to expand their scope of influence with patients and providers by partnering with professional, regulated companion apps.

Custom coils in one week: Two years on from the launch of QwikCoil, what’s next for Custom Wire Technologies?

Creating a brand-new program to produce custom coils in just one week for the medical device industry would have been difficult at any time, but Custom Wire Technologies (CWT) did it during a global pandemic. Now, the custom coiling and grinding company is looking ahead to the next big idea.