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Fi Forrest

Custom coils in one week: Two years on from the launch of QwikCoil, what’s next for Custom Wire Technologies?

Creating a brand-new program to produce custom coils in just one week for the medical device industry would have been difficult at any time, but Custom Wire Technologies (CWT) did it during a global pandemic. Now, the custom coiling and grinding company is looking ahead to the next big idea.

Medical-grade silicones: How choosing the right silicone impacts drug-eluting devices 

What are the advantages of using silicones in implantable drug delivery devices, and what should OEMs be looking for when choosing their medical-grade silicone?

Why custom components are vital for the next generation of medical devices 

The current movement towards minimally invasive surgeries is set to push for smaller and more complex designs for medical devices, such as central venous catheters and guidewires. Manufacturers that provide custom wire services and expert advice on production will be crucial for these new innovations.

Implantable drug eluting devices: Key applications for silicone

Growing use of drug eluting implant devices can be linked directly to key advantages such as targeted drug delivery, lower systemic toxicity, minimised drug dosage, and reduced reliance on patient actions.

Medical device industry is seeing boom in nitinol shape setting

Although nitinol hasn’t yet surpassed stainless steel, demand for the superelastic alloy is rising fast, with ever more innovative uses being developed by the medical device industry.

Medical device outsourcing: Advantages of working with a small contract manufacturing organisation

Working with a smaller contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) has its advantages. In particular, fully customised service, nimble response times, and an excellent relationship with a company that understands your business.

How an innovative new bioreactor is using ultra-fine filters to increase T-cell production

Cell therapies and regenerative medicine have enormous potential to change the way we treat patients and deliver health care, but the production of cells on a reproducible commercial scale poses a challenge.

Medical membranes and microfiltration: Applications, challenges, and predictions

The use of medical membranes is growing. Using the latest technologies and materials, membranes are increasingly being applied in areas such as tissue engineering, advanced drug delivery systems (DDSs), microfluidic devices, and microfiltration.

Next-generation medical devices: 3D printing with medical-grade silicone

The integration of silicones with 3D printing brings ground-breaking possibilities for personalised and more sustainable medical devices such as prostheses, anatomic models, and the latest diagnostic innovations.