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Chronic wounds drive market growth for tissue-engineered skin substitutes

Tissue-engineered skin substitutes (TESS) are scaffolds that can be either biological or synthetic, and either acellular or cellular.

Strong opposition to Watchman device in India, but high sales in US and Europe

The Watchman FLX is a structural heart device that physicians implant in the LAA of patients with atrial fibrillation to prevent the formation of a blood clot that would lead to a stroke.

Early detection of lung cancer is essential in curtailing lung cancer mortality

Estimated annual lung cancer deaths are projected to increase by 50% to more than three million deaths by 2040.

Medical Devices and Their Environmental Impact

According to a recent poll by GlobalData, despite the challenges the industry faces, the medical device field is not doing enough to be more environmentally sustainable.

Psychiatry opts for the use of precision medicine AI models

Precision medicine uses biomarkers, data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide personalised treatment projections.

Tele-mentoring used to improve surgical robotic systems training

Telemedicine involves the exchange of medical information from one site to another through the use of electronic communication.

NeuroPace neurostimulation system under trials

While NeuroPace’s technology is far from a market launch, it is the only FDA-approved brain-responsive neurostimulation system.

ScanNav anatomy PNB receives FDA clearance

ScanNav Anatomy PNB is designed to enhance ultrasound imaging through a colour overlay of key sono-anatomical structures.

Regulating medical devices with AI capabilities

AI can improve the quality of many medical devices, but its increasing use raises questions surrounding regulation.

Covid-19 pandemic milked dry? Major players shifting away from Covid-19 testing

Demand for Covid-19 testing is expected to drop further into next year as people are able to access vaccines more easily.