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Increased competition in the cryoablation catheter segment

The demand for more effective ablation catheters is increasing as the ageing population continues to grow, which increases the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases.

Novel vagus nerve stimulation devices, pathways and indications driving market growth

Implantable VNS devices consist of a pulse generator that is surgically placed in the chest and a lead that delivers the electrical pulses to the vagus nerve in the neck.

Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new smart refrigerator series

The demand for safe and reliable storage of temperature-sensitive medical supplies has reached unprecedented heights.

M&A activity cancelled to keep ART devices market competitive

Key drivers of global market growth in IVF device sales include the increasing number of fertility clinics, an increase in the average age of couples having children and the growing numbers opting to undergo IVF.

Medtronic’s ICD recalls may reduce product market value

The recall was first started in May 2023.

Chronic wounds drive market growth for tissue-engineered skin substitutes

Tissue-engineered skin substitutes (TESS) are scaffolds that can be either biological or synthetic, and either acellular or cellular.

Strong opposition to Watchman device in India, but high sales in US and Europe

The Watchman FLX is a structural heart device that physicians implant in the LAA of patients with atrial fibrillation to prevent the formation of a blood clot that would lead to a stroke.

Early detection of lung cancer is essential in curtailing lung cancer mortality

Estimated annual lung cancer deaths are projected to increase by 50% to more than three million deaths by 2040.

Medical Devices and Their Environmental Impact

According to a recent poll by GlobalData, despite the challenges the industry faces, the medical device field is not doing enough to be more environmentally sustainable.