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The Metaverse: Macroeconomic trends

Gaming and social media companies are at the vanguard of metaverse development, but enterprises will lead the charge in the…

The Metaverse: Regulatory trends

The metaverse will make digital media experiences more immersive, inclusive, and accessible than today. However, it will raise social concerns…

Micro-robots: fact or fiction?

Medical micro-robotic patents have been filed across sectors, including oncology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, and dentistry.

Therapy chatbots might be worsening your mental health

The market for therapy chatbots is unregulated and most therapy chatbots are not required to have governmental approval.

New dawn for EU joint procurement crisis response mechanism

The upcoming changes to the EU’s joint procurement rules will apply in instances of ‘serious cross-border threats to health’.

Sharing Economy: Technology trends

Technology has emerged as the key enabler for the adoption of the sharing economy. Companies are now using global positioning…

Venture capital healthtech funding drops 41.2% as firms brace for economic decline

The global fall in VC activity follows a surge in investment in the years before and amid the pandemic.

Swapping superheroes for spider pits: treating phobias using virtual reality

Virtual reality can offer an efficient way to treat fears through exposure to simulated situations and embodied cognition.

Healthcare companies must prioritise cybersecurity

Investment in the cybersecurity of the healthcare industry is expected to grow as cyberattacks have increased.

Amazon’s reputation as a data monopolist will haunt its foray into healthcare

Amazon’s entry into healthcare will be difficult given its reputation as a digital monopoly and past antitrust investigations.