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Signal: UK NHS pay row intensifies as doctors launch joint strike

UK public sector doctor’s pay is below that in Germany or the US, and ongoing strike action may lead to more emigration.

Signal: Illumina leads $15m investment in Broken String Biosciences

Embattled biotech giant Illumina has led series A funding into genomics mapping company Broken String Biosciences.

Signal: Danaher’s $5.7bn acquisition of Abcam faces stand-off with founder

Abcam founder Jonathan Milner has declared his intention to vote against the acquisition of the company in which he holds a large stake.

Corporate sustainability needs ESG standards and tools

Global industry leaders are embracing ESG issues but diverging reporting standards pose a challenge to corporate sustainability.

Signal: Kroger to pay up to $1.4bn to settle opioid crisis lawsuits

Kroger’s settlement, alongside the review of the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case, is proof that the opioid reckoning isn’t over yet.

Signal: Pharma giant Novartis to spin-off generics brand

Sandoz, the generics division of Novartis, has underperformed in recent years, but the spin-off may not settle investors.

Signal: UK clinical research provider Ergomed bought out in $888m deal

Private equity firm Permira has announced that it is taking the company private, following many other UK firms.

Signal: Novo Nordisk market cap higher than Danish GDP due to obesity drugs

Novo Nordisk’s obesity drugs are driving Danish growth as well as record profits as the company becomes second-most valuable in Europe.

Signal: Chinese economic slump hurts pharma firms invested in the region

As China looks set to miss 5% growth target, Western firms invested in the market find their growth lacking as well.

Signal: Bruker continues acquisition spree with $108m PhenomeX purchase

The medical device manufacturer has returned to pre-pandemic levels of M&A spend, reflecting a trend in the broader market.