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Another recall: does Philips have a quality control problem?

Philips’ has recalled a number of high profile medical devices in recent years, shaking investor confidence.

Can Elon Musk’s Neuralink be trusted to put chips in your brain?

Musk announced Neuralink’s first sucessful human BCI implant on Sunday, but can the company live up to the hype?

IRA lawsuits will be vital test of US’ ability to regulate pharma market

As the deadline nears for the government to reveal its proposed prices, pharmaceutical companies are continuing to fight regulation.

Signal: FTC granted injunction to pause IQVIA’s acquisition of Propel Media

A US court has granted the FTC’s request to halt the acquisition due to concerns that it will promote anticompetitive practices.

Signal: Lilly searches for new obesity drugs in partnership with Fauna Bio

The deal is worth up to $494m plus royalties and allows Lilly to utilise Fauna’s Convergence artificial intelligence platform.

Signal: Illumina to divest Grail, ending years-long legal battle

Both the European Commission and the US’ Federal Trade Commission have taken issue with Illumina’s reacquisition of Grail.

Signal: CAR-T study suggests cell therapy can treat autoimmune diseases

A study shared at ASH saw lupus and sclerosis patients make marked recoveries through CAR-T therapy initally targeted at blood cancers.

Signal: US lays out plan to seize govt-funded drug patents to lower cost

The plans would allow third parties to manufacture such drugs if manufacturers make them unaffordable.

Signal: FDA renews Syapse collaboration to use real-world data in oncology

The collaboration focuses on the evaluation of real-world data study designs and methods for informing regulatory objectives.

AI’s data fakery is ‘scary’ say researchers, but the problem is already huge

Generative AI, particularly GPT-4, is capable of producing fake data sets in minutes. A new paper shows just how bad this could be.