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New technologies fuel advancements in digital health

AI, the internet of things and more are fuelling a new generation of medical services and products that improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Race is on to claim share of biomanufacturing market

Covid-19 caused increased investment in the biopharmaceutical sector. Now, countries are carving out a place in the multi-billion-dollar market.

Meeting global demand for patient independence: SHL Medical expands production in Charleston, US

With demand for its drug delivery solutions growing fast, SHL Medical chose Charleston, South Carolina, as the strategic location for a new manufacturing site. Chief operating officer Martin Turvill explains why.

Three ways smart site selection is helping life sciences companies turn innovation into commercialisation

Making a smart site selection could drive the commercialisation of your intellectual property. Here are three examples that are helping to make Hamilton, Ontario, the next leader in life sciences research and commercialisation.

The cluster effect: Connectivity and collaboration in life sciences hubs

A strong talent pipeline, first-rate infrastructure and proven track record are often what draw life sciences companies to industry clusters like Charleston, US – but how important is the cluster’s connectivity and collaborative environment to their future success?

Costa Rica’s commitment to developing talent in industry 4.0

The Latin American country’s plethora of human talent is one of its key competitive differentiators for attracting foreign investors.

What factors are driving life sciences FDI in 2022?

Investment Monitor explores top drivers for greenfield FDI in the life sciences, including examples from Charleston, South Carolina – a mid-sized US metro that is ripe for investment.

A healthy mix of innovation, ESG and VC: How Charleston became a hotbed for healthtech

Healthtech innovation is at the heart of a growing start-up scene in and around Charleston, South Carolina, and investors are quickly realising the city is not to be overlooked.

Why moving from Europe to Charleston SC to work in medtech was a win-win for me and my family

Boarding a one-way flight out of the Slovenian capital city of Ljubljana to relocate some 4,800 miles (7,700km) to the US city of Charleston is a huge move, and it is one that Andreja Tajnic, chief financial officer at Belimed USA, decided to take in 2021. Here, she shares her experiences of working and living in Charleston SC with Investment Monitor.

How a leading US medical university is working with industry to drive innovation for life science businesses in Charleston | SC

Investment Monitor spoke to Jesse Goodwin, PhD, chief innovation officer at the Medical University of South Carolina, to find out how the institution is collaborating with industry partners to grow within, and alongside, the life science sector in Charleston, SC.