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Accelerating medical device development

Large numbers of medical devices are developed every year, but only a few make it to market. Working with a trusted partner can help speed up the development process.

European Parliament regulation 2021/2226: everything medical professionals need to know

Changes to eIFU regulations mean any evolution in instructions for use must be made clear to end users. Companies need to start thinking of their eIFU systems as active communication channels

Defining the future of eIFU services

A Q&A with Dimitri Jordens, IFUcare, addressing how changing customer needs and evolving regulatory requirements are impacting on a new way of working and forging new innovations.

Four of the medical device industry’s most pressing challenges and how to solve them

For manufacturers, a well-designed, high-precision assembly system enables energy-efficient product assembly which is planned with the highest standards in mind.

How to ensure the safety and security of an eIFU website

How Pre-Production Services remove downstream obstacles

The IFUcare touch: How a commitment to customer support spells success for IVD and medical device customers

Flexible and scalable assembly solutions: How automation meets manufacturing’s most pressing challenges