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Virtual sterling? Bank of England ponders digital currency

The world of banking is poised for a step-change as many central banks ponder the introduction of a digital currency, and among those leading discussions is the Bank of England.

Worst UK recession in recorded history sparks calls for digital recovery

The news that the UK is experiencing the most severe recession since records began has prompted calls to focus on digital industries to fuel recovery.

Christopher Wylie at H&M: From whistleblower to fashion data maven

Christopher Wylie shot to global prominence as the leading whistleblower in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but now he is turning his considerable data skills to fashion, through his current role as research director at H&M.

“There is a permanent shift towards ecommerce”: Ikea CDO

The coronavirus has forever transformed many aspects of our lives, not least the way we shop, and if the experience of Swedish furniture giant Ikea is any measure, we are seeing a marked switch to ecommerce that is set to stay long after the pandemic has subsided.

Web Summit CEO: Hybrid virtual-physical events are the future for conferences

Paddy Cosgrave has said that hybrid events that combine virtual, interactive experiences with physical in-person conferences will be the dominant format in the future.

Self-driving hospital beds and social distancing sensors: Covid-19 innovation

Digital Concepts Engineering (DCE) has used its experience in the military, agricultural and nuclear industries to repurpose its tech with the aim of responding to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and the result is self-driving hospital beds designed to safeguard medical staff, and social distancing sensors for unmanned vehicles.

Cisco CSO: Judge the tech industry’s Covid-19 role in 18 months

“I think the time for reflection and the time for critique is probably going to be 18 months from now.”