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Wound care trends and innovations: Are medical-grade silicone gels fit for the future of wound care?

Driven by trends such as the need to accelerate healing and make wound care manufacturing as efficient as possible, Elkem has been focusing on innovations for the advanced wound care market.

Silicones in critical care: Six life-sustaining applications for medical-grade silicone

Medical-grade silicone is making a difference to patient comfort and safety across every area of healthcare, including these six lifesaving and life-sustaining applications.

From wearables to wound care: Why medical-grade silicone is the most versatile material in med tech

From HCRs and LSRs to RTVs and adhesives, we discuss how silicone has come to be used in every area of the healthcare industry by exploring the flexibility and versatility it offers device manufacturers.

How self-lubricating silicones improve the performance of needleless valves

Silicone-based needleless valves have many safety-related advantages but performance can be threatened by silicone’s unique self-healing ability. While a few solutions to this challenge already exist, each have their own limitations, so Elkem embarked on a mission with customers to develop something new.

Is patient recruitment out of control?

Every year, the patient recruitment landscape is getting larger and more multi-faceted. The good news is that sponsors now have a wide range of options at their fingertips; the challenge is that it’s becoming harder to oversee the flow of patients and understand what is and isn’t working – and therefore hard to make meaningful decisions that improve the trajectory of recruitment for your trial.

Mobile health strategies: Should you build or partner for success?

With GlobalData figures showing the value of pharma’s 2023 digital therapeutics-related deals to have grown by 129% since 2018 [1], and the year still not out, it is clear that projects such as companion apps are becoming an increasing priority for life science firms. Here, we debate the benefits of building versus partnering, and share some important considerations for a successful project.