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Why 3D printing is the future of patient-specific prosthetics and implants

With the growth of the 3D printing market, there is a promising future for personalised medical devices such as prosthetics and implants. Are we in the early days of a new era for patient care?

Practice makes perfect: The case for 3D-printed surgical models in training and perioperative settings

3D-printed anatomical models could make surgery safer and quicker. With the latest advances in additive manufacturing and material science, patient-specific models can even be printed to improve preparations for complex procedures.

Endotracheal intubation: How precision medical wire improves first pass success

Inserted in the trachea, endotracheal tubes (ETTs) are flexible pipes designed to open a patient’s airway in situations when they cannot breathe on their own. The process of placing the tube is known as endotracheal intubation and is often a lifesaving, emergency treatment.

Catheter reinforcement: coil or braid?

Reinforced tubing is at the heart of many types of catheter. Here, we discuss the benefits of two reinforcement techniques to help you choose the perfect design for your needs.

Understanding the peripheral guidewires market, and how to develop a device for minimally invasive surgery

Peripheral guidewires are used by surgeons to direct stents and catheters to blockages in the peripheral vasculature. With minimally invasive vascular procedures becoming more common as the world’s population ages, how do you make the correct choice of guidewire?

The role of MedTech in improving ruptured aneurysm outcomes

The current standard of care in ruptured intracranial aneurysm repair involves a high degree of risk. We examine how medical device manufacturers are improving outcomes for patients through state-of-the-art microcatheters and guidewires.

Understanding the current and future state of complex health data protection laws

The recent proliferation of digital health has led to data privacy concerns around the collection of sensitive personal health information (PHI). Pharmaceutical Technology looks at key regulations designed to protect consumers in the US and Europe.