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How to take thin-walled catheter manufacturing to next levels of precision

Thin-walled catheters are a requirement of many minimally invasive cardiovascular, neurovascular, and endovascular procedures.

Higher throughput integrity testing: Defining a modern CCIT system for the demands of serial production

With more manufacturers under pressure to perform high throughput integrity testing of sterile pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Technology explores the role new technologies, such as Optical Emission Spectroscopy, will play.

The three big guidewire trends steering the future of minimally invasive surgery

From hybrid designs to robotic steering, Medical Device Network explores the latest trends impacting the guidewire market.

The fundamentals of freeze drying: why precise vacuum technology matters

Freeze drying, or lyophilisation, requires a powerful, accurate and reliable vacuum system consisting of pumps for evacuating air and tools for monitoring the process.

From prototype to production: Managing the micro coiling process

Micro coils are an ongoing trend in the medical device industry.

What’s next for Container Closure Integrity Testing?

Driven by changing regulations and an increased need for quality, traceability, and efficiency, the pharmaceutical industry is upgrading how it performs container closure integrity tests.