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How should we be regulating LDTs?

Campaigners have asked the Biden administration to support legislation reworking the regulation clinical laboratory diagnostics.

The smart toilet: a pipe’s-eye view of gastrointestinal health

An AI tool being developed to analyse faeces could be built into a ‘smart toilet’ with integrated diagnostic capabilities.

Will wearables ever accurately measure blood pressure?

Consumer wearable manufacturers have sought for years to find a way to measure blood pressure at the wrist to a clinical standard.

How to future-proof the NHS supply chain

PPE became headline news last year due to the high demand – and short supply – of vital hospital equipment.

The device recall crystal ball

Medical device and drug safety recalls are on the up. But is there a way to predict which products will be recalled in the future?

Diagnose sleep apnoea from your own bed

Belgian start-up Sunrise has recently launched the world’s first from-home sleep test in the UK. Natalie Healey speaks to CEO Laurent Martinot and explores how wireless devices could change sleep apnoea diagnosis and treatment

Vagus nerve stimulation sheds light on tackling obesity

Researchers have developed an implantable device which stimulates the endings of the vagus nerve to provide a feeling of fullness. It could one day provide a less invasive alternative to gastric bypass surgery. Natalie Healey speaks to Texas A&M assistant professor Sung Il Park about the potential benefits of the new technology.

Climbing the PPE plastic mountain

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a huge amount of plastic waste in hospitals – largely a result of the additional PPE required to curb the spread of the virus. But what can be done to reduce the environmental impact of this plastic waste? Natalie Healey finds out.

Medicine music: how an earbud could treat arthritis and migraines

Nēsos has developed an earbud designed to deliver electrical field therapy to help treat inflammatory conditions like arthritis and migraines. Natalie Healey takes a closer look at the emerging technology and speaks to co-founder Konstantinos Alataris.

Can AI predict depression?

Project Amber, a machine learning initiative by Alphabet subsidiary X, recently failed to discover a biomarker for depression and anxiety in brainwave data using artificial intelligence. While this project missed the mark, it lights the way for ither researchers. Natalie Healey investigates.