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Can manufacturers keep up with growing demand for medical devices?

As demand grows, medical device manufacturers must contend with the challenges of scaling up production. Is outsourcing the solution, and how does this impact compliance, quality, and transparency?

Robotic surgery stands to outpace all other procedure types

As elderly and surgical patient populations grow and medical technology continues to improve, the surgical robotics market is seeing a major boost.

Advancing orthopaedic power tools and consumables: Why the right blade matters

Orthopaedic surgery volumes are growing year on year. As a result, there is a strong market for surgical power tools and their ‘consumable’ accessories. But what will the next generation of power-driven devices look like, and how can manufacturers ensure their blades have what it takes to guarantee success?

Navigating regulatory challenges for medical device manufacturing

The regulatory landscape for medical devices has changed significantly in recent years, with emerging digital trends and the COVID-19 pandemic impacting changes to regulatory requirements across the globe.

Breast cancer treatment: Nitinol’s solution for effective biopsy markers

Nitinol, the shape-memory alloy comprised of nickel and titanium, has been causing a stir in the medical technology industry for some years. How can its unique properties change the way that we identify biopsy sites?

The future of medical devices: Expert insight on miniaturisation in medtech

Medical devices are getting smaller and smarter, but what does this mean for manufacturers? In an upcoming webinar, experts from Alleima share their insights on the future of wire-based components.

Balancing the razor’s edge: The steel alloys behind the world’s most durable knives

In this Q&A, we speak to Jonas Nilsson, technical business development project manager, Alleima, to learn how knifemakers are taking production to new levels of quality and sustainability with the right steel alloys.

Nitinol’s super elastic solution to medical implants and instruments

The medical device industry is a changing landscape, with ongoing developments in digitalisation and innovations leading to minimally invasive devices. With its shape memory and super elasticity properties, how will nitinol play a part in the future of medical technology?

Endosmart joins Alleima Group: The future of nitinol innovation in medtech

As part of its ongoing endeavour to expand its global footprint and grow its capabilities to better serve customers, Alleima recently acquired Endosmart. We take a look at some of the exciting innovations that these nitinol experts are bringing to the medical industry.

Medical technology for type 1 diabetes: how patients are taking charge of their lives

Rapid advances in medical technology have changed the way that diagnoses such as diabetes type 1 impact patients’ lives. A family affected by the condition talk to Medical Device Network about how now modern devices help them live the lives they want.