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UV curing: How to enhance quality, reduce energy use and nurture sustainability with bio-based solutions

Tailor-made bio-based products and curing with ultraviolet light are making the industry more sustainable, while lowering energy costs and improving print quality.

Healthcare in your pocket: The trends driving mHealth growth

How global changes in reimbursement are affecting digital therapeutics

Digital therapeutics are revolutionising personalised patient care, but are they being held back by regulatory hurdles and reimbursement challenges?

How 5G is changing the medical device landscape

Medical devices in Industry 4.0 are providing healthcare providers with greater amounts of data for more accurate diagnostics, but can fourth-generation connectivity keep up?

MD&M 2023: Discover medtech innovations at Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis

Medical Design & Manufacturing Minneapolis 2023 will host more than 620 exhibitors from medtech, robotics and 3D printing in Minnesota on 10-11 October.

Reducing medical device approval times in 2023

Getting a medical device to market swiftly and efficiently can be a challenge, especially for implantable and high-risk devices. From utilising AI to collaborating with the right components partner, these are some of the ways manufacturers are reducing lengthy approval times.

Alleima celebrates one year as an independent medical component manufacturer

August 31 marked Alleima’s one-year anniversary as a stand-alone company, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Today, it looks back over 12 months of achievements and exciting acquisitions.

Medical Technology Ireland 2023 set to welcome more than 300 industry-leading exhibitors

A host of speakers will address the challenges and opportunities facing medtech, while more than 300 companies will be exhibiting their products in Galway.

Navigating quality control in the medical device industry: solutions that ensure compliance

In an industry with strict regulations, quality control can be a challenge. From embracing technology that advances quality management systems to understanding the best practices for accurate documentation, manufacturers are seeking ways to stay compliant.

Analysis: Navigating an evolving medical device regulatory landscape

The medical device industry has witnessed significant advancements and innovations in recent years, revolutionising patient care and delivering a range of new treatment options. However, along with these breakthroughs comes the need for stringent regulatory oversight to ensure patient safety and product effectiveness.