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Poll: healthcare providers should continue to use PPE post COVID-19

Personal protective equipment (PPE) played a key role in preventing frontline healthcare providers from being at risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Joe Biden’s win and democratic control over Congress will lead to lower healthcare costs: Poll

Healthcare spending in the US is the highest among any other developed nations in the world. Verdict has conducted a poll to assess whether the US election outcome will lead to lowering of healthcare costs.

US elections not to impact the call for change in regulations to improve access to telemedicine: Poll

The demand for telehealth and virtual healthcare services surged due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the industry is expected to reach $20bn in value by 2030, according to GlobalData.

Medicare for all and public option for healthcare the best healthcare plan outcome of the US presidential election: Poll

The COVID-19 pandemic has made healthcare one of the top priorities for the US residents.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies to hospitals insufficient and not reaching the needy: COVID-19 poll

Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are playing a vital role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 and protecting frontline staff, especially those in healthcare.

Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 declining since June: Poll

Fear of COVID-19 community transmission has been causing anxiety among the public as well as governments.

Few employees want to return to office full-time when lockdowns are eased: Poll

Remote working or working from home has become the new norm during the COVID-19 times which call for maintaining physical distancing and complying with lockdown measures to curb disease spread.

COVID-19 fears affect appointments for routine doctor visits: Poll

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reduced the number of routine outpatient visits made by people for fear of contracting the disease.