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Collaborative innovation for silicones: A win-win scenario

Silicone for implantable drug delivery: best materials and modifications

Silicone has proven to be an effective excipient for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for implantable drug delivery, offering a number of well-established advantages – so well-established that it’s been the material of choice for many implantable devices for more than 60 years.

Precision medical wire in pacemakers: living life at your own pace

Advancements in the medical device field have enabled more and more patients to improve their quality of life and regain control of what so many others take for granted. Pacemakers are life-changing and often life-saving electronic devices that are recommended for patients that have problems with a slow heart rate.

For precision medical wire, the future is already here

The use of precision medical wire to sense, monitor, guide and stimulate has been the remit of science fiction for hundreds of years, with the most recent treatment being Charlie Brooker’s brilliant socially-incisive Black Mirror taking on the implications of constantly being able to monitor one’s health in some distant dystopia.

Precision matters: how one Swedish firm is leading the charge in precision medical wire research

The creation of precision medical wire for complex and delicate procedures is a niche, specialist field and those who are at the forefront of it are there because they devote incredible amounts of time to research and development, to rigorous testing methods and data collection. But in a market as precise as this, to be on the cutting edge of product development, it takes a dedication to R&D that’s worthy of the scientific community.