Various healthcare companies are already implementing high-tech solutions into existing healthcare systems due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the upcoming years, digital health tools and technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are expected to further integrate into the healthcare industry. Genomic Vision is a French biotechnology company that specialises in the development and commercialisation of diagnostic solutions for genetic diseases and cancers.

In recent news, the company has launched FiberSmart, a new technology that enables the visualisation and analysis of long DNA fibres at high resolution. This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionise the way genetic diseases are diagnosed and treated and could have a significant impact on the medical industry. GlobalData forecasts that the market for AI platforms for the entire healthcare industry will reach $4.3bn by 2024, up from $1.5 bn in 2019. This will be driven by the use of AI by healthcare providers and payers, which is forecast to reach $2.9bn by 2024. The launch of FiberSmart has the potential to improve the accuracy and efficiency of genetic disease diagnosis and treatment, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.

The medical industry is also being impacted by the rise of AI and ML. These technologies are being used to analyse large amounts of data and identify patterns and insights that would be impossible for humans to detect on their own. Furthermore, AI is being used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnoses, identify new treatments and therapies, and even predict and prevent disease outbreaks.