“Systematic DRPx enables you to systematically repurpose failed, shelved and existing drugs for their true disease indication to dramatically improve clinical outcomes and maximize true commercial value. Sidestep drug development bottlenecks, dramatically improve compound and target identification, and extract additional value from pre-existing R&D investments.

Systematic DRPx Summit will address how drug repurposing can become a core component of your R&D by demonstrating when and how to implement a successful strategy. Learn to de-risk the transformation of previous failures into future clinical and commercial success from industry leaders including AstraZeneca and Biovista.

Leading experts from GSK, NIH and CureHunter will demonstrate how advanced high-throughput screening platforms and analytics have streamlined a systematic drug repurposing approach to rescue shelved compounds and optimize existing drugs.

This summit will provide drug developers with a platform to discuss strategies to optimize ROI on failed portfolio assets, and through case study-driven talks to accurately position your drug for the correct disease indication from the outset.”