“World ADC San Diego is the definitive forum for sharing new antibody drug conjugate insights and data. Invigorate your research with knowledge from over 70 presenters as they share the secrets about how they are innovating ADC development.

With our multi-stream, 4 day event, you can craft your own ADC conference to focus on the specific challenges you are currently facing. Covering discovery, development and manufacturing, here’s how you can improve your ADC pipeline by attending World ADC San Diego:

Boost the clinical benefit of your ADC by learning how to dial in potency, target stratified patient populations and optimize dosing regimens.

With everyone seeking to maximize clinical benefit and increase the therapeutic window, there is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from your peer’s progress at World ADC.

Make more evidence-based design decisions by hearing about how to screen for optimal site of conjugation, select better quality targets and explore new payload mechanisms of action.

This year’s agenda is structured around the need to make precise and reasoned decisions in discovery and development. Discern new iterative improvements in the market leading platforms and differentiate the empirical learnings from industry dogma.

Ensure product and process robustness by listening to how emerging characterization tools can be applied, manufacturing processes can be integrated smoothly and purification and formulation steps can be optimized.

In the quest to replicate the success of Kadcyla and Adcetris, further manufacturing improvements are needed to support the delivery of these drugs in a timely, safe and cost effective manner.

Alongside the main sessions there will be numerous opportunities to hear new data and industry case studies. Don’t miss out on the conference workshops, clinical day, poster session, site tour and World ADC Awards.

Access this intelligence, and much more, when the ADC community convene in San Diego this October.”