This Award recognises an individual or teams working in the medical devices industry on the research and commercial development of new products and/or new processes. This can include bringing a new product to the marketplace, discovering or creating a unique material, transferring a research or technology development to practice, improving the performance of an existing product or creating a new simulation or design tools

Supporting information: Please provide a brief description (up 500 words in total) identifying:

  • Research Program: achievements with significant milestones
  • Originality: Outline the originality of the research/ work carried out. How competitive is your research?
  • Outcomes: Quality of publications and/or patents/ or software. The company must submit details of previous relevant publications, patents or prizes
  • Innovation: The company must have a track record of innovation and technical creativity – what is the intellectual content? They must demonstrate the degree of innovation in research and their commercial potential.
  • Impact: What is the societal and commercial Impact of the contribution – has it made a difference in the marketplace and global community
  • Challenges: what was the magnitude of the challenges that were overcome? What was the degree of difficulty?