Formacoat is a medical device contract manufacturer based in Minnesota, focused on the production of applied coatings to medical devices.

The company is a Category Award Winner for Innovation, Investments, and Research and Development due to investments into its manufacturing facilities, and research and investment into 3D printing.

The company has also been investing into its 3D printing capabilities through the development of the 3D Print Lab. This allows Formacoat’s team to print anything needed for a client project much faster than would previously be the case. By using bio-compatible resins, the tools, once printed, are ready to go straight into production.

The company’s growth can be seen through its need for new facilities. Having only moved into its current headquarters in 2020, the company has already doubled its floor space through the purchase of a second building.

As well as allowing for increased manufacturing capacity, the new building will also allow Formacoat to further its research and development projects.

Company Profile

Incorporated in 2002, Formacoat is a privately held medical device contract manufacturing company located in Chaska, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Our roots come from the diverse community of Twin Cities companies that have made our area a world center for the medical device and life science industries.

As a uniquely positioned medical device coating services contract manufacturer, Formacoat is dedicated to providing value to its customers around the world by improving the design, functionality and performance of our clients’ medical devices.

We work expertly with our customers to improve medical device functionality and performance. Through aligned objectives and collaborative efforts, we make the tools of medicine run smoother.

We are specialists in providing coating-engineered application solutions utilized in sophisticated medical device design and development for scalable, dependable production.

Formacoat helps clients around the globe improve the performance of their medical devices through our coatings expertise. Formacoat’s collaboration includes access to a wide range of coating vendors and their technologies, to help us bring your coating challenges to life.

Coating for medical devices can have a myriad of functional capabilities: From hydrophilic to hydrophobic to anti-microbial to non-thrombogenic, Formacoat has the coating selection and know how to your device coated and into production.

Contact details

2960 Chaska Blvd, Chaska,

Minnesota, 55318, United States