Mantis Health is a Connecticut based medical technology company focused on 3D visualization for surgery. The company is a Category Award Winner for Innovation in the 2023 Medical Device Network Excellence Awards for the development of the Mantis 3D Digital Loupes platform.

Mantis 3D Digital Loupes are light-weight digital glasses that pair with 3D 4K cameras to provide an immersive magnified view of the surgical field. Its low-profile screens enable surgeons to maintain unimpeded views of their surroundings while simultaneously providing up to 50x zoom and focus capability. Mantis also includes a growing library of software features such as augmented reality overlays and 3D video storage.

Mantis 3D Digital Loupes

The Mantis design does not require a direct view of the surgical field so that surgeons have the freedom to relax their head and neck. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the second most common injury for orthopedic surgeons are related to their neck and back, which can be attributed to the usage of magnification equipment such as surgical loupes and microscopes.

The Mantis 3D Digital Loupes in use during surgery

The Mantis platform is available for sale in the US and has been utilized to perform over 1,000 procedures in the spine, hand, neuro, and vascular specialties.

Company Profile

Mantis Health is a US medical technology company that utilizes mixed reality, robotics, AI and 3D cameras to provide surgeons a new way of visualizing anatomy during surgery. Its ergonomic mixed reality headset pairs with 3D Cameras positioned within or around the patient. This offers surgeons a new way to see anatomy clearer, under higher magnification, and from more complex angles.

“We are proud to be recognized by the Medical Device Network for our Mantis 3D Digital Loupes platform. Thanks to the dedication of our amazing team that work alongside industry-leading surgeon advisors, we are achieving our mission of revolutionizing surgical vision through a combination of mixed reality, 3D camera, machine learning, and video sharing technology. The Mantis system has been used in over 1,000 procedures and offers surgeons unparalleled visual clarity, control, and ergonomic comfort – aided by an integrated AI and video analysis engine. We believe that Mantis is on track to become a disruptive force in the surgical industry and are excited to introduce it to more surgeons across the country.”

Joshua Aferzon, CEO

Contact details

175 Atlantic Street, Suite 206,

Stamford, CT 06901,

United States