06 Nov 2023

Cloud in medical devices: Q&A with GlobalData thematic analyst

Jemima Walker is an associate analyst in GlobalData’s Thematic Intelligence team. Her expertise lies in the healthcare industry and in themes including cloud, robotics, ecommerce, healthtech, and cybersecurity.     Lara Virrey:…

03 Nov 2023

AI in medical devices: Q&A with GlobalData thematic analyst

Maddy Irwin joined GlobalData's Thematic Intelligence team in September 2022. She is particularly interested in analysing how tech themes affect the healthcare industry.  Lara Virrey: What are the most exciting…

05 Jul 2023

Digital health tech: a solution to substance use disorders?

Healthcare providers are under pressure to address the growing issue of substance use disorders. Spurred on by factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions, and a fluctuating macroeconomic environment,…

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