Research Reports

  • 14 February 2018

    Nanorobots programmed to seek and destroy cancerous tumours

    Scientists from Arizona State University (ASU) have successfully programmed nanorobots to shrink tumours by cutting off their blood supply. This study demonstrates the first application of DNA origami for nanomedicine.

  • 12 February 2018

    Self-healing wound model supports clotting studies

    Biomedical engineers from Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a miniature self-sealing model system for studying the bleeding and clotting of wounds. The device could be used...

  • 2 February 2018

    AI learns to interpret clinical reports

    Machine learning techniques, including natural language processing algorithms, have been used to identify clinical concepts in the complex text of radiologist reports on CT scans.

  • 25 January 2018

    3D bioprinting recreates human skin pigmentation

    A team of researchers has recreated human-like skin pigmentation using 3D bioprinting to control the distribution of melanin-producing skin cells on a biomimetic tissue substrate. The bioprinting method was developed...

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