CurieAI, a medical spin-off of SRI Ventures, has launched the first platform of its kind based on CurieAI artificial intelligence that is designed to monitor and manage surrounding respiratory issues related to Covid-19.

Early implementation of the system suggests it could play an invaluable role in managing the treatment of Covid-19 patients, the company said.

BioAgilytix Labs has launched COVIDence, a complete Covid-19 workforce testing service designed to help US employers reduce the exposure and spread of Covid-19 among workers.

The company has selected BRIO Systems to deliver the technology and logistics infrastructure to support the COVIDence testing programme.

PerkinElmer has stated that its Hand Sanitizer Analyzer instrument is capable of testing for methanol in alcohol-based hand sanitiser products and provides pass/fail results within 30 seconds.

The company said recent US Food and Drug Administration recalls and warnings have highlighted that methanol is toxic to consumers if absorbed via the skin and can be life-threatening when ingested.

PerkinElmer has also launched explorer workstations for SARS-CoV-2 testing that can prepare and run around 10,000 Covid-19 tests each day.

Healthwatch has unveiled Covid-19 Healthwatch, a cloud-based system that allows organisations to track employee health symptoms.

Covid-19 Healthwatch supplies, assimilates and analyses health check questionnaires for employees and shift workers. The answers from the employees are tabulated and the management of the company can view the results on an interactive dashboard. They can also receive automated notifications.