The US is set to send the final components of a $60m security systems package, consisting of small arms and ammunition, to Ukraine.

During a press briefing, Pentagon press secretary John F. Kirby confirmed that the package will be shipped this week.

The other elements of the package, which include the Javelin missile system, have already been delivered to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Kirby told reporters that Ukraine can use the materiel for self-defence purposes only.

He stated: “Our expectation for use of the Javelins … [is] that they are to be used in a self-defensive mode … for self-defence purposes.

“There is no geographical restriction on where they can be used inside Ukraine. We expect them to use them responsibly and for purposes of self-defence.”

Kirby added that no decision has been taken to provide additional security assistance to Ukraine.

The delivery comes amid increasing tensions between the two neighbouring countries of Ukraine and Russia.

The US President Joe Biden held a two-hour long virtual meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to discuss the issue and defuse any tensions.

In October, the UK Government reportedly held talks regarding the sale of weapons to Ukraine. According to The Times, the talks included discussions about the supply of maritime Brimstone missiles and air-to-surface Brimstone missiles for Ukrainian vessels.

Earlier this year, Ukrainian Government entity Ukroboronprom signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with the US-based defence company Global Ordnance.

The collaboration will enable Ukraine to procure defence products and technologies using Global Ordnance’s supply chain and local manufacturing partnerships.