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Small Diameter Tubing Manufacture

A.P. Extrusion has over 30 years of experience in the custom, plastic, and medical tubing industries. The company will help you every step of the way to assess, develop, and deliver custom tubing that fits your needs.

Our engineers and designers will work with your company to develop a prototype and assist in material evaluation, culminating in the manufacture of a product that exceeds your expectations.

Custom medical tubing

A.P. Extrusion extrudes and co-extrudes single-lumen tubing, multi-lumen tubing, multi-layered tubing, thin-wall tubing, dual-wall tubing - to name only a few of our capabilities - in a wide range of materials. We manufacture custom medial tubing as tight as .00025in.

A.P. Extrusion can produce custom medical tubing for the following applications: oxygen, air, and fluid transfer; laboratory pipettes; swabs; pre-filled syringe packaging; IV sets; catheter, and cardiac catheter packaging. Custom medical tubing can be produced in clear, custom, and stock colors as well as custom and stock lengths.

Small diameter multi-lumen tubing

Multi-lumen tubing offers virtually limitless options in the plastic extrusion field.  Multi-lumen tubing can be a flexible or rigid, high quality, tubing that has many applications in the medical industry. Any individual lumen can be coated with another material to add desirable properties to the lumen. Multi-lumen tubing is created as a single tube with multiple 'channels' (lumens) running throughout the inside diameter of the tube. The configuration of multi-lumen tubing is first dependent on the diameter of the outside wall. Once the diameter of the outside wall is determined, an unlimited number of lumens can be extruded depending upon the desired application. These inner lumens can vary in size, shape, material, and wall thickness. Multi-lumen tubing is used in the transfer of gases, fluids, guide wires, and other materials.

Custom thin-wall tubing

Thin-wall plastic tubing is great for use in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and personal hygiene industries as an over-wrap (over-extrusion) and packaging enhancement. Thin-wall tubing can withstand extreme temperatures for added security in product packaging. Additionally, thin-wall tubing can be used as a band around products to aid in tamper detection and in the fiber optic and electrical industry as, among other uses, wire coating, and insulating sleeves. 

Thin-wall tubing is a cost-effective solution for your custom plastic tubing needs. A.P. Extrusion's tubing includes: catheter tubing, catheter liners, and other medical tubing needs, and is appropriate for use with products that range from .005in to .350in in diameter. 

Thin-wall tubing can be extruded in clear, custom, and stock colors and in virtually any length. Thin-wall tubes can be produced with an open or sealed bottom to fit your company's needs.

Medical catheter tubing

A.P. Extrusion can extrude medical catheter tubing from a wide range of thermoplastics to fit your company's standard or unique needs. 

We have experience with many types of medical catheter tubing, including tubing for diagnostic, guiding, electrophysiology, neuropathology and suction catheters. We also have experience providing medical tubing for stent delivery systems.

We extrude medical catheter tubing to tolerances as tight as .00025in.

Whether your company needs kink resistance, strength, flexibility, torque control, lubricity, or specific wall thickness, our experienced staff of engineers will lead you in the right direction.

Custom plastic tubing

Our custom plastic tubing catalogue of products includes single and double-lumen tubing; extruded bead; striped and dual-walled tubing; multi-bore and multi-colored ribbon tubing. 

Single-lumen tubes are available in co-extrusions that allow the extrusion of multiple layers of tubes of different materials, or multiple layers of tubes in various colors.

We manufacture co-extruded custom plastic striped tubing with radiopaque material allowing visibility under fluoroscopic examination. Our designers and product engineers can create your custom plastic tubing cut to length or spooled. Short lead times are not a problem for our highly experienced personnel. We pride ourselves on producing prototypes that adhere to your specifications with finished products to tolerances of .00025in.

Medical-grade PVC tubing

A.P. Extrusion recommends medical-grade PVC tubing for applications where tough, flexible, lightweight, clear tubing is necessary. Medical-grade tubing can be extruded from non-toxic, lead-free materials adhering to FDA standards. Medical-grade PVC tubing is approved as a USP Class VI material.

Medical-grade PVC tubing is resistant to corrosion, as well as many chemicals and solvents as a result of its resilience; PVC tubing has a long life expectancy. It can also be extruded in single or multi-lumen varieties and can be easily bonded to plastic connectors and in non-DEHP plasticizer grades for applications involving high-risk patients. Medical-grade PVC tubing is capable of withstanding repeated sterilizations with little negative impact.

As a result of the flow performance, sediment accumulation in medical-grade PVC tubing is prevented, thus also preventing the growth of bacteria.

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