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BAUMANN Medical - Springs, Wire Forms and Stamping Parts

For more than 125 years, the BAUMANN Group has stood for Swiss precision and quality. Take advantage of the experience of a global manufacturer of springs and stampings.

The family run company, in its fifth generation of owner management, has ten production locations all over the world with more than 1,400 employees and sells high-tech products for selected industries, such as the automotive and electrical industries as well as the medical technology sector. Integrated thinking and technological know-how transfer between locations is always the focus of our actions. All BAUMANN companies comply with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Medical springs for medical device applications

Our products are the core of your applications. BAUMANN Medical manufactures high-quality springs and stampings for your demanding applications at production locations on three continents. Our dedicated team has comprehensive skills to optimally support you in every product phase with integrated thinking and actions.

Thanks to our in-house machine manufacturer BAMATEC, we design customised quality and production processes, from development support to production to the packaging solution. Together with you we develop innovative products for durable, successful applications, and our recent ISO 13485 certification at the Swiss headquarters is just one way we will achieve this.

Quality springs and stampings

The headquarter of BAUMANN Medical in Switzerland is certified according to ISO 13485 since April 2013. Currently the implementation process to the other relevant sites is being investigated. All BAUMANN companies are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as TS16949. Thanks to the quality systems, BAUMANN ensures highest quality for its springs and stampings.

BAUMANN Medical offers GMP/GDP compliance and stringent documentation procedure following the standards that are in place. Knowledge of performing DOE is available and validation of processes according to IQ-OQ-PQ is applied to all produced springs and stampings.

BAUMANN employs the same strict quality management processes at all locations and guarantees consistency and stability thanks to the systematically trained employees. Our dedicated manufacturing areas worldwide are equipped with latest machine technology and quality processes to meet or surpass our customers' expectations.

Dedicated engineering teams and efficient sample turnaround times for springs and stamping

BAUMANN Medical dedicated engineering and project managers are ready to assist our customers during all phases from concept study to serial production. Technical spring calculation, CAD models and FEM analysis assist our customers in evaluating the most economical spring and stamping solution. Quick sampling and prototyping support the initial project phases.

In-house machine technology for optimised spring manufacturing processes

Together with our in-house machine manufacturer BAMATEC, BAUMANN Medical develops product specific production and inspection processes. We provide individual automation for every need, from production, to heat treatment, to cleaning and packaging.

Customised medical packaging

From bulk non-sterile to single pack, we offer customer-specific, clean solutions that are optimised for your assembly process. Packaging options are one-way / two-way tray packaging, packaging in special foils and packaging in tubes.

Raw materials for medical springs and stampings

BAUMANN Medical offers springs and stampings made from high-quality wires and strip materials, supplied by worldwide operating manufacturers.

Mainly used materials are:

  • Different variants of stainless steel
  • Music wire blank, galvanized or ZA coated
  • MP35N/Phynox
  • Titanium

Surface treatment for springs and stampings

BAUMANN Medical is able to provide various surface treatments, depending on its customer's needs, including:

  • Heat treatment
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Nickel, silver and gold plating
  • Zinc-flake coating
  • Others such as shot peening, phosphate, stone tumbling

Compression springs

BAUMANN's compression springs are available in all sizes, for all quality levels, from small to large diameters, and made of alloyed and unalloyed spring steel.

Dimensions: from 0.10mm up to 2.00mm wire diameter, round or profile material.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are individually designed, with special spring ends, for any application scenario, with static and dynamic loading.

Dimensions: from 0.10mm-2.00mm wire diameter, round or profile material.

Pressings and stampings

Our pressings and stampings are custom parts made from just about any material, using our in-house tool workhops.

Dimensions: stamping parts up to 3.00mm material thickness; stamping presses up to 1,500mm tool length and 1,500kN force.

Wave springs

Our wave springs are space-optimised springs for almost any application. Wave springs offer a height saving of up to 60%, as an alternative to compression springs.

Dimensions: from 0.12mm-0.40mm (material size), outer diameter: 4.00mm-240.00mm. Material dimensions are available on request.

Stainless-steel coils

BAUMANN SPRINGS' wire forms are made from stainless steels, with optional PTFE coating, with open or closed coils.

Dimensions: from 0.10mm wire diameter. Round or profile material.

Wire forms for medical application

BAUMANN's wire forms are available in any shape and from any material, for a wide variety of Medical applications.
Dimensions: from 0,10 mm wire diameter.

Constant force springs (spiral springs)

BAUMANN has extensive know-how in manufacturing constant force springs. Please contact us for details.

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