Flooring to Prevent Contamination in Cleanroom Environments

Dycem provides contamination control flooring, with non-slip backing to ensure lab safety in cleanrooms and drug development facilities.

One of the leading suppliers of floor-level products, Dycem's solutions are manufactured in the UK and help leading company's meet national health and safety requirements in more than 50 countries.

Contamination protection of cleanrooms on a molecular scale

Dycem's polymeric contamination control flooring is used in controlled environments worldwide, ensuring companies maintain the ideal particle count, reduced by up to 99%. This helps prevent cross-contamination, improving profits by decreasing product wastage and increasing yield.

With an expansive user base, including blue chip companies such as Motorola, Lilly Abbott, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, and IBM, as well as Intel, Seagate, Rolls Royce, Heinz, and Honda, Dycem's products are suitable for a wide range of companies due to its versatile, adaptable range. Whether a client's company is large or small, Dycem is able to design a customised solution to meet their individual needs.

Dycem's extensive product range can also cater to short or long-term requirements and a variety of contamination control applications.

Flooring custom-made for applications with light-wheeled traffic

CleanZone (CZ01) is specialised flooring designed to protect against contaminations in environments with pedestrian and light-wheeled traffic such as carts, laundry cages, and manual pellet jacks.

Meeting good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines, CleanZone is an aesthetic contamination solution helping to implement clean / dirty areas. Available in a range of colours, the flooring is 2.1mm thick.

For heavier traffic, CleanZone (CZ01) handles loads such as pallet trucks and forklifts. Installed with a low-profile edge strip, this 2.1mm thick flooring provides smooth transition between surfaces, ensuring sensitive loads are transported safely.

Ready-to-lay loose flooring with anti-skid backing

CZ03 does not need to be installed by Dycem's service technician team as it is a pre-assembled loose lay solution. It is thicker than CZ01 and CZ01, at 7mm, as it features an anti-slip backing. It is suitable for use with pedestrian traffic and light-wheeled carts.

About Dycem

Since 1966, Dycem has manufactures contamination control zones from its headquarters in Bristol, UK. Other offices include Warwick and Rhode Island in the US and Santa Rosa in the Philippines.

Recongised as South West exporter of the year, Dycem's manufacturing processes comply with relevant international standards and have a minimum carbon footprint. In addition, the company is committed to quality, product innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Serving the pharmaceutical, bio-medical, hospital, medical device, and fiber optic industries, Dycem seeks to continuously improve its solutions and has developed its systems to trap and retain particles down to a nano-scale.

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