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Breaking point: should we be reusing more medical devices?

A huge number of medical devices used by hospitals are labelled as ‘single-use’. As a cost-saving measure many hospitals rely upon ‘reprocessed’ single-use devices as a cheap yet safe alternative to buying expensive new equipment, but recent manufacturer efforts to halt reprocessing could lead to hiked hospital costs. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Transporting human organs: the innovations saving lives

A helicopter lands on a rain lashed hospital rooftop as white coats emerge running with what looks like a well-stickered beer cooler is a scene familiar to patrons of medical dramas, but is that really how life-saving organs are transported?

HAL: The Japanese cyborg medical exoskeleton helping US patients walk again

Cyberdyne is bringing its Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) exoskeleton, designed to rehabilitate patients who have lower limb disorders, to the US market under a new partnership with Brooks Rehabilitation and the Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center of Jacksonville, Florida. Elliot Gardner takes a look at the technology, which has been in use in Japan since 2011, and finds out how it will fit into the market for rehabilitation devices in the US.

In the spotlight: the National Centre for Healthcare Photonics

The National Centre for Healthcare Photonics, due to open later in 2018, will help medical device companies to develop and refine their photonics-based technology, creating new products for the healthcare market. Elliot Gardner finds out more.

Advanced wound dressings market to see steady growth to $6bn by 2024

Billions of people worldwide suffer from chronic wounds, surgical wounds, burns, and trauma every year. The number of non-healing wound cases and expenditures are expected to rise as a natural consequence of an increasing population of the elderly and diabetic, and the cardiovascular disease epidemic.