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Eloise Mclennan

MT: Can regulators keep up with AI?

In this issue: Regulators race to keep up with AI innovations, how magnetic interference from consumer tech is impacting implanted medical devices, the case against Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, and much more.  

MT: Payments to physicians

In this issue: Medical device payments to physicians, driving post-pandemic innovation, clearing the NHS surgical backlog, measuring blood pressure with wearables, and much more.

MT: What’s next for medical wearables

In this issue: How the EU’s new medical device regulation will impact software manufacturers, the future of innovation in the wearable space, future-proofing the NHS supply of personal protective equipment, the ethics of mechanical wombs, and much more.

The ethics of vaccine passports

Covid-19 ‘vaccine passports’ have been floated by many governments as a way to reopen society.

MT: The ethics of vaccine passports

In this issue: the ethics and science of vaccine passports, using big data to predict device recalls, the limits of the pulse oximeter, and much more.

MT: A new frontier for robotic surgery

In this issue: robotic surgery in gynaecology, gamifying doctor and pharma communications, autonomous vehicles for drug transportation, how start-ups can protect their intellectual property, and much more.

MT: High-tech mental health treatments

In this issue: breaking nightmare patterns with wearables, social anxiety treatments enter the virtual world, addressing the risk of testicular cancer in diagnostic imaging, and much more.

MT: Inside the future paramedic toolkit

In this issue: How innovative technology is transforming the paramedic toolkit, bringing prison healthcare into the digital age, tracking emotions with virtual reality, and much more.

Medical Technology magazine: Becoming the first human cyborg

As we head towards the new year, it’s hard not to look back at what has been a challenging year for the medical technology industry. Medical Technology is now available on all devices.

MT: Does AI change patient consent?

In this issue: The impact of AI on patient consent, building a consensus on brain death, rethinking the colonoscopy, AI in the IVF space, and much more.