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How an orthopaedic implant start-up benefited from eIFU management 

Since 2019, Bonebridge, a Swiss manufacturer of smart orthopaedic trauma implants, has been partnered with IFUcare to develop eIFU for their products.

The switch to eIFU: Understanding the change process

Making the change from paper instructions for use (IFU) to online eIFU can lead to huge efficiency gains and cost savings for manufacturers, but it must be done right. Diligence and attention to detail during the change process will pay off in the long-run.

Benefits of switching to eIFU are not to be overlooked

Medical device Instructions for Use (IFU) traditionally appear in the form of paper documents, which are notoriously cramped and often unwieldy for users to access. As such, manufacturers are increasingly considering the possibility of migrating to electronic instructions for use (eIFU).

Regulatory focus: Impact of the latest rules for European IVD device manufacturers

eIFU versus paper-based IFU: What are the benefits of going digital for manufacturers?