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Jennifer C. Smith is an award-winning healthcare editor with 15+ years of expertise in the US and European pharmaceutical, regulatory and pricing/reimbursement sector. She carries in-depth knowledge on the clinical trials landscape and concerns that affect the pharma and biotech industry. She has moderated a number of conferences over the years, and led panel discussions on a wide-ranging set of topics. She has honed her skillet on the intersection of online journalism and business acumen, with a good understanding of SEO concepts and readership analytics to drive content strategy.

Jennifer Smith-Parker

Remote clinical trial monitoring uptake rises but validation questions swirl

DCT Adoption Tracker: Clinical Trials Arena reviews the burgeoning trend on remote monitoring and look into regulatory know-how needed to ensure success.

New UK medical device regulation spells potential trial concerns for some IVD players

Forthcoming UK medical device regulations have an uncertain date but draw some praise along with caution.