Medical device components contract manufacturing has advanced with the growing medical devices market. Outsourcing to contract manufacturers allows medical device companies to focus on the key aspects of their business, streamline the supply chain, and monitor expenditure while high-tech innovation and technological advancement in the sector are increasing.

Outsourcing a medical component

The term medical device covers a very broad spectrum ranging from a simple home healthcare machine to the one found in operating rooms and intensive care units (ICUs).

The component of the medical device outsourced to contract manufacturers and services providers may, therefore, cover several aspects such as device assembly, manufacturing process designing, packaging for shipment, design consultation, package testing validation service, identification of process improvement, sterilisation validation and recurring processing services.

Leading medical device component suppliers

Medical Device Network lists the leading medical contract manufacturing companies and medical component specialists, based on its intel, insights and decades-long experience in the sector. The list includes companies with a special focus on surgical implants, medical micromanufacturing, high-precision medical components and consultancy services.

The information provided is drafted for medical device executives, medical device contract manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, distributors, medical electronics components manufacturers, medical device contract service providers, engineers, technicians, and any other individual involved in the industry.

The download document contains detailed information on the contract services providers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Choosing the right medical contracting services provider

Outsourcing manufacturing to one or more companies accelerates the journey of a medical device to the market while making the whole process more efficient for the manufacturer.

Compliant regulated services such as ISO-certified clean rooms and quality management systems, lean manufacturing technology for improved yield and efficiency and quality assurance are some of the key aspects medical device companies look for while outsourcing a component to a contract manufacturer or service provider.