Mechanics, motors, and motion control are the core components of a medical device and must be continuously advanced and evolved for greater efficiency and improved device performance. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to ensure the precise movement, function and mission-critical applications of medical devices or equipment.

Medical device motion control

Medical motion control systems have refined the use of automated systems, robotics and personal smartphones and tablets in the healthcare industry. Electronic designs, data, software, and sensors integrate medical devices’ hardware and software for motion control to achieve higher precision. The process of miniaturisation has further reduced the expenses, energy and packaging required to develop devices.

The use of motion control at the surgical table for stroke patients’ rehabilitation and orthopaedic surgical drilling are some examples of successful medical device motion control.

Discover medical device component suppliers

Medical Device Network has listed leading mechanics, motors, and motion control systems suppliers based on its experience in the sector. The list includes specialists in high-precision motion control components and systems, ultrasonic fluid detection sensors, micro motor and encoder solutions, piezoelectric motor manufacturing, bearings, seals, mechatronics, and lubrication systems and services.

The download document is drafted for medical device executives, medical device manufacturers, distributors, electrical engineers, firmware engineers, software engineers, electronic assemblers, test technicians, test operators, research and development engineers, research scientists, sales managers, and other individuals involved in medical mechanics, motor and motion control industry operations.

The document contains detailed information on the services providers and their products, alongside contact details, to inform your purchasing decision.

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Trends in motion control technology for the medical industry

Motion control technologies are being developed with newer capabilities for medical equipment motion control, which can be integrated with next-generation device designs.

Recent motion control trends for designing medical devices and equipment within the healthcare sector include new position encoder technologies for position sensing and other positioning applications, improved step motors, motor torque adjustment technologies for higher precision and accuracy, and the integration of motion controllers with machine monitoring technology.