• 8 March 2019

    Digital healthcare apps are in rude health

    In the clinical setting, the use of healthcare apps for clinical decision support is becoming routine, and there is strong evidence of their reliability.

  • 5 March 2019

    Does Fitbit have a finger on the pulse of wearers?

    Fitbit says its device accurately measure heart rate using reflected light on the skin to detect blood flow changes, counts steps via motion detectors and tracks sleep via motion sensors.

  • 1 March 2019

    How machine learning can transform medicine

    Machine learning is an often-used term that has been promised to do everything from making workers more productive to taking over individuals’ jobs entirely. Frankly, it will likely be many...

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Rolf Rihs Q&A: Automation solutions for the production of disposable medical devices

Mikron Automation

Rolf Rihs has been working at assembly system manufacturer Mikron Automation for nearly 17 years. Over that time, he has…
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