Avery Dennison Medical Solutions Demonstrates Innovation Capabilities with New Products and Technologies at MEDICA 2011 - Verdict Medical Devices
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Avery Dennison Medical Solutions Demonstrates Innovation Capabilities with New Products and Technologies at MEDICA 2011

Just one year after its first presentation as a stand-alone business unit at MEDICA 2010, Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, a division of Avery Dennison Corporation, returns to MEDICA with a host of new products and technologies for the medical device industry. Avery Dennison Medical Solutions can be found at MEDICA at booth 6H07, hall 6, at the Dusseldorf Trade Fair Center, 16-19 November.

Products that will be showcased are the BeneHold™ securement portfolio and three new additions to the Avery Dennison Medical Solutions portfolio: InteliShield™ barrier film for ostomy applications, Avery Dennison® thin absorbent skin adhesive and Metria™ wearable sensor technology. The new chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) adhesive delivery system (ADS), for which preliminary tests have demonstrated antimicrobial efficacy, the BeneHold™ line of hydrocolloid dressings and Converter Benefit Program round out the highlights.

"Our new products, along with the test results supporting our ongoing efforts to offer differentiated antimicrobial adhesive technologies, demonstrate Avery Dennison Medical Solutions’ ability to innovate in a way that addresses unmet needs in the market," says Howard Kelly, the business’ vice president and general manager. "Medical device manufacturers, distributors and converters visiting our booth will have an opportunity to experience our approach to advanced product design and development."

BeneHold™ securement portfolio

The Avery Dennison® BeneHold™ securement portfolio* consists of the BeneHold medical tape strips, tube fixation device and transparent film dressing. The products can help hospitals and clinics reduce costs, address infection control concerns, enhance efficiency and simplify inventory management.

InteliShield™ barrier film

The new Avery Dennison® InteliShield™ barrier film for ostomy applications is making its worldwide debut at MEDICA 2011. The film is PVC, PVdC and plasticizer-free, which can be less damaging to the environment than traditional films and can offer more cost-effective disposal of intermediate scrap. The film is also quiet, soft and strong to help enhance ostomy patients’ confidence and comfort. The antimicrobial** inner surface of the film helps control odour, while additional layers provide enhanced strength and secure bonding.

Avery Dennison® thin absorbent skin adhesive

Also debuting at MEDICA 2011 is the Avery Dennison® thin absorbent skin adhesive, a patented technology platform poised to redefine current market expectations for acrylic adhesives. The platform’s initial offering is MED 5567A, an acrylic coated polyurethane film on a polyester release liner. The breathability and high absorbency of the material provides superior fluid handling capabilities compared with current commercial products. These properties make MED 5567A ideal for a wide variety of applications, such as backing material for electrodes, wound dressings and ostomy flanges, as well as applications that require direct wound contact.

Metria™ wearable sensor technology

Visitors to MEDICA 2011 interested in personal monitoring technology will be given a preview of the Avery Dennison® Metria™ wearable sensor technology^ platform for patch-based wearable sensors that will be worn on the body and will deliver physiological information to users and providers through consumer and clinical applications. The devices are being designed with comfort, quality of life and ease of use in mind through use of skin-friendly adhesives and a low profile form factor. The platform will also be featured in the Wearable Technology Show at MEDICA 2011, in hall 15, booth C04.

Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) adhesive delivery system

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory confirm that Avery Dennison Medical Solutions’ new CHG adhesive delivery system provides antimicrobial efficacy across a broad range of bacteria and yeast. The data demonstrate that the challenge of incorporating CHG within a solvent acrylic adhesive has been successfully addressed. The formulation can ultimately lend itself for use as a transparent film dressing that makes it easier to monitor sites such as catheter insertions.

BeneHold™ line of hydrocolloid dressings

The Avery Dennison® BeneHold™ line of hydrocolloid dressings+ are sterile hydrocolloid wound dressings that help facilitate moist wound healing. The dressings come in four varieties and multiple sizes – standard, bordered, thin and bordered sacral – and consist of a self-adherent hydrocolloid wound contact layer and a smooth, transparent polyurethane top film. When in contact with moisture, the hydrocolloid layer turns into a soft gel which protects against dehydration and facilitates granulation and epithelisation. The dressings are breathable, allowing oxygen and moisture vapour exchange, yet are waterproof and impermeable to external contaminants when intact. The product line is indicated for management of lightly to moderately exudating wounds, such as pressure ulcers (stage II-IV) or partial- to full-thickness wounds.

Converter Benefit Program

Of particular interest to converters attending MEDICA 2011 will be the new Avery Dennison Medical Solutions Converter Benefit Program. The program covers the business’ full range of products, including surgical, wound care, ostomy and electromedical offerings, and gives participants access to the company’s expert knowledge, sales tools and incentives. Avery Dennison Medical Solutions managers will be available to discuss the program’s advantages to converters visiting the booth.



* Regulatory approval pending. Anticipated commercial availability is Q4 2011.

** Full spectrum of antimicrobial testing to be completed.

^ Regulatory approval pending. Anticipated commercial availability is Q3 2012.

+ Regulatory approval pending. Anticipated commercial availability is Q2 2012.

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