Vancive Medical Technologies Introduces Benehold™ CHG Adhesive Technology Platform - Verdict Medical Devices
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Vancive Medical Technologies Introduces Benehold™ CHG Adhesive Technology Platform

Vancive Medical Technologies has developed an adhesive containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG). The adhesive is acrylic solvent-based and incorporates hydrophilic CHG, which until now has been deemed incompatible with acrylic adhesives.

CHG is a widely recognised and accepted antimicrobial agent used in various products, including coated central venous catheters, skin antiseptics, impregnated sponge and impregnated gel.

The initial application of the BeneHold™ CHG technology has been developed specifically for peripheral IV dressings and is one of the first dressing solutions containing an antimicrobial in the adhesive. Vancive is also working on the development of future applications, including surgical incise films and post-operative dressings.

Unlike typical film dressings, this new dressing can absorb small quantities of exudates and remain transparent even when absorbing fluid. In vitro data has demonstrated >4 log reduction on major microorganisms responsible for infections, including antibiotic resistant bacteria such as MRSA, VRE and CRE.

"With the right partners, this technology can truly be transformational in delivering effective and easy to use solutions," said Howard Kelly, president and general manager of Vancive Medical Technologies.

"We are working with excellent partners to launch the first BeneHold solution, a transparent film dressing, and realise the potential of this new platform with a portfolio of CHG-based antimicrobial solutions."

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