Metria Wearable Sensor by Vancive Medical Technologies to be Featured on BBC 1

Metria wearable sensor by Vancive Medical Technologies will be featured on Bang Goes the Theory, scheduled to air on BBC 1, April 22 at 19:30 GMT, and will explore if self-monitoring 24/7 can improve health.

"The experiment on Bang Goes the Theory involves three generations of a family wearing Metria for seven days," said Colleen Ward, Vice President Global Marketing, Vancive Medical Technologies. "It is exciting to see that our product can bring a family together and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Metria Informed Health technology platform is a portfolio of products for physiological monitoring for a variety of health, wellness and clinical applications, and is based on Vancive Medical Technologies’ advanced adhesives, materials and manufacturing. It also includes technologies from Proteus Digital Health and BodyMedia, Inc.

To learn more about the family’s experience using Metria to monitor their health, tune in to BBC 1, April 22 at 19:30 GMT.

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