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Master Bond’s Thermally Conductive, Low-Viscosity Epoxy Features Cryogenic Serviceability

Master Bond EP30FLAO is a two-component epoxy resin system for high-performance potting, bonding, sealing and coating. It is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of cryogenic applications. This low-viscosity epoxy with excellent flow characteristics makes it ideal as a thermally conductive potting compound. It is widely used in the electronic, electrical, computer, metalworking, appliance and chemical industries where electrical insulation, environmental protection and heat transfer is required.

EP30FLAO features a wide service temperature range of 4K to 250°F. Its thermal conductivity is 9-10 BTU/in/ft²/hr/°F. The viscosity of the mixed compound is 5,000 cps to 6,000 cps at 75°F. In addition to these attractive attributes, it has a low thermal expansion coefficient, superior dimensional stability, good physical strength and toughness.

Parts A and B are available in half pint, pint, quart, one gallon and five gallon containers.

Master Bond’s cryogenically serviceable epoxies

Master Bond’s EP30FLAO is a versatile, two-component epoxy system for demanding thermal management applications at cryogenic temperatures. Read more about Master Bond’s cryogenic epoxy formulations at the company’s website, or contact Master Bond’s technical support team.

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