Master Bond’s Polymer System EP30D-7 Combines High Strength and Toughness with Chemical and Abrasion Resistance

Combining the benefits of epoxy resins and polyurethanes, Master Bond polymer system EP30D-7 offers superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and toughness. This two-component epoxy is ideal for high-performance bonding, sealing, coating, and encapsulating applications in the electronic, electrical, computer, metalworking, optical, electro-optical and oil/chemical processing industries. Its lower exotherm also makes it ideal for casting and potting in cross-section thicknesses of over 1in.

Serviceable over the wide temperature range of -100°F to above +250°F, EP30D-7 is designed to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures with minimal shrinkage. This system is 100% reactive and contains no solvents or diluents. The cured elastomer is an excellent electrical insulator. It also resists thermal cycling well and stands up to a variety of chemicals.

EP30D-7 has an impressive tensile strength of greater than 1,600 psi, a Shore A hardness of 90, an elongation of more than 40%, and a dielectric constant exceeding 400v/mil. It is resistant to thermal cycling and chemicals including water, fuels, and inorganic solvents even at high temperatures. It is available for use in pint, quart, gallon, and 5gal container kits.

Master Bond flexibilized and toughened epoxy systems

Master Bond polymer system EP30D-7 is intended for high-performance, abrasion-resistant applications. Read more about Master Bond’s flexibilized and toughened epoxies at their website, or contact technical support.

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