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Picosun Increases Efficiency for LED and OLED Production

Picosun Group has proved to significantly increase the production efficiency of its LED and OLED customers with the PICOSUN® P-300BV atomic layer deposition (ALD) system. Recent tests show that a reduced ALD process cycle time and an increased number of wafers deposited with the same film thickness resulted in almost 100% better throughput.

A throughput of more than 20,000 wafers per month can be reached with a wafer batch of 100 wafers*. At the same time, the process quality in terms of film thickness uniformity has remained on an excellent level (<1% 1sigma) when measured within wafer and wafer to wafer as well as batch to batch.

“Picosun ALD solutions have become the standard in high volume ALD manufacturing,” states Juhana Kostamo, vice-president of the Industrial Business Area of Picosun Group. “The PICOSUN P-300BV ALD system is designed especially for the production of LEDs and OLEDs. With our experience and deep know-how in ALD, we are continuously striving to minimise the total cost of ownership and ensure future-proofness for our customers.”

Global LED and OLED manufacturers trust ALD in their production to achieve better device performance and longer product lifetimes. This is a result of thin, conformal, uniform and pinhole-free material layers deposited by ALD for passivation and moisture protection as well as for creating buffer and interface layers.

Read more about the PICOSUN P-300BV at picosun.com/product/p-300bv

* 4in 100 wafers, >20000WPM, <1% 1sigma WiW, <1% 1sigma WtW, <1% 1sigma BtB (120nm TMA + H₂O @ 200C)

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