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Epoxy Adhesive Formulations for the Medical Device Industry

ALFA International develops and manufactures specialty epoxy, urethane, silicones, hot melt and thermal greases for the medical device industry.

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ALFA International develops and manufactures specialty epoxy, urethane, silicones, hot melt and thermal greases for the medical device industry.

Medical grade epoxy system

AL419FDA is a two-part, medium-viscosity, long-life epoxy, which is a solvent-free, electrical insulator thermosetting epoxy adhesive.

All ingredients in the company’s adhesives are approved for use in food contact and medical applications covered by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provisions 21 CFR: 175.105 and 175.300.

AL419FDA provides strong bonds for laminating and repair applications in medical equipment. AL419FDA MVTR, GTR, features water and heat resistance, so it can pass ten days of 95% R.H with condensation.

ALFA provides thermally and electrically conductive epoxies for heat sink, bonding, solder less connections, die attach and surface mounts.
ALFA's epoxy series can be used for casting, potting and encapsulation applications. The single component products cure at elevated temperature and eliminate weighing and mixing.
The fast cure system is a two-part, room temperature epoxy system. It uses a 1:1 mix ratio by volume or weight, and the epoxy develops major properties after four hours.
One-part UV curable adhesives require no mixing and have a rapid cure speed and easy application with high bond strength.
ALFA Radio opaque epoxy adhesives are used as x-ray markers on in-vitro medical devices.

Electrical insulator thermosetting epoxy adhesive

AL420FDA is a two-part, low-viscosity with a shorter pot life compared with the AL419FDA epoxy, and is a solvent-free, electrical insulator thermosetting epoxy adhesive.

Heat-resistant and low exothermic epoxy adhesive formulation

AL427FDA is a two-part, heat-resistant and low exothermic epoxy adhesive formulation. It is a 100% solid epoxy adhesive with superior chemical resistance and strength.

The adhesive contains a thixotropic agent, which impedes thinning of the material during heat cure, when properly mixed and cured.

Thermosetting epoxy adhesive

AL428FDA is a solvent-free electrical insulator and two-part thermosetting epoxy adhesive. The adhesive’s MVTR, GTR, water and heat resistance are high. It can pass a ten day test of 95% R.H with condensation.

It is also resistant to weather and galvanic actions. AL428 has excellent adhesion to various substrates, including glass, quartz, metals ceramics, and most plastics.

AL428FDA can be applied by brush, dipping, pouring and other mechanical dispensing techniques.

Epoxy topcoat for medical devices

AL3002 is a 100% solids epoxy coating system that was developed as a protective coating for metals in immersion applications.

It is a flexible and tough chemical resistant coating that is suitable for challenging water applications.

Due to its unique chemistry, AL3002 is a coating that has various applications, such as moderate acid and caustic conditions, making it ideal for water environments.

The system can be used for condenser, tank lining, heat exchanger, circulating pipe, water screen, pump, filter, impeller, ion exchange and filter applications.

ALFA’s E10 groups of electrically conductive adhesives develop strong, durable, electrically and thermally conductive bonds and coatings, which meets Nasa’s out-gassing specifications.

Typical applications include electromagnetic (EMI) shielding, cold soldering of resistors, flat packs, hybrids and other miniaturised circuits.

Other applications include chip bonding or die attachment of 1C, light-emitting diode (LED), hybrid circuit assemblies, repairing flexible circuits and multilayer boards.

ALFA produces biomedical, electrically conductive, room temperature-curing adhesives for component attachment in medical electronic applications.

ALFA offers fibre-optics, including electro-optic and laser adhesives, as well as casting polymers, which are used in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) environments, and field applications.

Adhesives and coatings for flat panel displays, specifically touchscreens, are available. Low-viscosity and high-optical transmittance adhesives are used in component protection applications, including insulation sealing, EGP and ESD applications.

Specialised thermal greases

ALFA produces engineered adhesives and thermal greases. Every formulation has been engineered as a multifunctional adhesive system that bonds, seals, and insulates materials.

These adhesives are tough, durable and easy to mix and use. They also develop strong bonds with metals, ceramics, glass, and other substrates.

ALFA’s thermal grease products are RoH compliant and used internationally. The company has a range of thermal grease paste, which is used in microelectronic applications, including heat sink and die attach.

The company’s resin systems are used in the development and production of medical equipment, food machinery, and other FDA-regulated products.

Grade resins are used by manufacturers of cardiac implant devices, catheters, hearing acids, dental products and biomedical instruments. They are designed to withstand most sterilisation processes, including ethylene oxide (EtO), steam and sterrad systems.

GR194FDA is a food grade heat sink compound, thermally conductive grease that meets FDA 21 CFR 175.300 for use as a lubricant for incidental contact with food.

ALFA GR-194FDA is an opaque white heat sink, food grade grease compound. The thermal paste is resistant to ozone and ultraviolet degradation.

It has high chemical and solvent stability, optimal interference between the heat producing device and heat transfer media, as well as low surface tension that enables them to wet most surfaces.

ALFA GR-194FDA will not harden, dry, or melt after 1,200 hours at 205°C.

Toll manufacturing and custom packaging services

ALFA has more than 20 years of experience in toll manufacturing, custom packaging and private labelling.

ALFA runs small and large quantities and produces airless products, tests and quality control, as well as certifies products. Toll manufacturing is available for epoxies and urethane, water bases, hot melts and thermal greases.

ALFA can manufacture and market the NUWC XP-1 proprietary and protected formulation for various applications.

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