BioInteractions is a leading innovator in high-performance biocompatible coating technologies such as Astute® Antithrombogenic Coating, AvertPlus Antimicrobial Coating and Assist Lubricious Coating.

Our coatings are supported by our Commitment to Care (C2C) support services. This combination allows us to address a range of challenges on a variety of devices.

We have expertise in providing highly functional coatings on a range of surfaces and devices. Our products offer innovative and practical solutions to improve antithrombogenicity, antimicrobial activity, and surface hydrophilicity.

These coatings feature on a range of commercialised products and have received either a CE marking or approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are suitable for a variety of applications and surfaces; these range from highly specific medical devices to everyday utensils. Our innovative approach to tackle complex biocompatible problems highlights BioInteractions multi-phase technologies is the new generation of coatings and surface enhancements.

BioInteractions has paired our high-performance coating technology with our all-in-one, personalised C2C Service to enhance surface properties and reduce concerns of our customers and their patients.
Astute® Antithrombogenic Coating is non-leaching and utilises a multi-phased approach to stop thrombosis formation, blood activation and platelet adhesion. The coating is effective in long-term applications and significantly reduces the risks of clotting as well as further complications from impacting a patient.
AvertPlus™ Antimicrobial Coating uses an active agent with passive components to provide a contact-kill mechanism to reduce infections. The non-leaching coating does not use toxic components or antibiotics and is effective for long-term applications without reducing in effect over time.
Assist™ Lubricious Coating is a flexible, long-term lubricious coating with additional benefits to improve reduce friction and enhance surface biocompatibility. The coating is available in both UV and heat curing which enables us to apply the coating to a variety of surfaces and devices.

Active, Multi-Phase Antithrombogenic Coatings

BioInteractions’ Astute Antithrombogenic Coating can prevent thrombosis formation using a multi-phased approach.

The coating uses an active antithrombogenic agent, combined with multiple additional passive components to provide a high-performance, non-leaching antithrombogenic coating.

The coating actively stops blood activation and blocks a thrombus from forming. The active coating further reduces risks by preventing other thrombus forming downstream by activated blood. The Astute antithrombogenic coating also prevents platelet adhesion without leaching to enhance the long-term effect. These additional passive components physically prevent blood components from interacting with the surface to provide an additional level of protection for the surface.

This multi-phased approach mimics the endothelial layer to give an active antithrombogenic coating. The Astute Antithrombogenic Coating tackles a complex challenge with a multi-phase technology to deliver high-performance activity whilst reducing risks and complications to the patient.

Non-Toxic, Non-Leaching Antimicrobial Coatings

AvertPlus is a non-leaching, active antimicrobial coating, which eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria and prevents biofilm formation.

It uses a combination of active agents and passive components which provide a multi-phase solution to infections. The coating uses an active contact-kill mechanism in combination with passive components which prevent bacterial colonisation.

This multi-phase approach of the coating technology significantly reduces bacterial presence and stops proteins from depositing onto the service. Our non-leaching AvertPlus coating provides a prolonged antimicrobial effect without any degradation of effect.

Our non-leaching coating provides high-performance antimicrobial activity on a surface and has achieved a five-log reduction activity, without the use of leaching toxic compounds or anti-biotics. AvertPlus Antimicrobial Coating uses a multi-phase solution to reduce the presence of infections without introducing the risks of toxic components or anti-biotic resistance to the patient.

Flexible, Long-Term Hydrophilic Coatings

The Assist Hydrophilic Coating significantly reduces the friction of a surface, as well as provides complementary non-thrombogenic effects. It is available in both ultraviolet (UV) cured and heat cured forms. The two forms enable us to apply our technology to a variety of surfaces and geometries seen in devices. The coating is thin and flexible, which enhances the coating’s stability on challenging devices, such as balloon catheters.

The coating reduces friction and provides a smooth surface to improve laminar flow. The combination of these improvements simplifies device insertion and removal as well as reducing the occurrence of deposition onto the surface. Complementary non-thrombogenic properties provide support by enabling the coated device to remain implanted and perform its use for extended periods of time.

We achieve a high-performance lubricious coating without leaching or the use of cytotoxic and toxic components. The technology is also available in both UV and heat-cured variants, which allows us to apply the coating to both internal and external surfaces.

The coating activates instantly through wetting, removing the need to pre-soak the surface and reduces preparation time. Our Assist hydrophilic coating instantly activates to significantly reduce friction and provide protective benefits of the surface.

C2C Support Services

BioInteractions’ C2C service utilises over 25 years of expertise to provide additional services our customers require when developing their coated products.

Our C2C support consists of a tailored application process for each device, our coating performance tests and our in-house coating services. We ensure each coating is applied to offer optimum performance and we help our customers improve their understanding of their coated device as well as support their regulatory submissions. We continue to support our customers by offering our in-house coating services.

Our C2C tailored application process ensures all products can gain the benefits from the coating without restrictions of substrate or geometry of the device.

Our C2C service also includes our testing methods, which highlight the benefits of our coatings. The testing also improves our customers understanding as well as supporting with their regulatory submission packages.

Our C2C support is completed by our in-house coating service. We offer this to help improve the quality and reliability of coated devices for our customers. Once the coating has been optimised for your device, we help reduce concerns by coating devices for your requirements.

We pair our high-performance, biocompatible coatings with our C2C services to be your all-inclusive, coating partner, and enhance surface properties with our high-performance coating technology.

BioInteractions All-In-One: High-Performance Coatings and Personalised Services

BioInteractions manufactures all our coating technology in-house and supports our customers through our C2C Services. Our optimised application processes, testing services and in-house coating services have been combined as a complete support suite for our customers. Our expertise in coating a variety of substrates and geometries allows our multi-phase technology to be applied in a range of areas.

We have applied our expertise to help partners choose a coating and effectively progress through their development process. Our multi-phase coatings combined with our C2C support service focuses on tackling the complex biocompatible challenges as well as the challenging development process.

Enhancing multiple surface properties and reducing critical risks to patients with one multi-phased coating is a significant upgrade of available coating technology. Our high-performance coatings and our personalised C2C support services are paired together to be your all-in-one coating partner.