DSM’s VitroStealth Coating Used in Axis-Shield’s Next Generation Afinion Point-of-Care Cartridge

DSM, a global leader in biomedical materials, today announced that its VitroStealth non-biofouling coating is used in Afinion, Axis-Shield’s next generation point-of-care diagnostic system. Physicians can use Afinion during the span of an office visit and obtain patient lipid levels within a matter of minutes.

The value of DSM’s VitroStealth coating is in its ability to make plastic capillary surfaces hydrophilic. Its wetting properties, which allow the capillaries to fill completely and prevent analytes from collecting on the plastic walls, help to ensure the accuracy of the Afinion’s results.

"VitroStealth coating is a safe, superior material that meets our need for robust performance," said Axis-Shield research and development project manager Arve Strømsheim. "We anticipate VitroStealth coating to be a candidate to support additional diagnostic analyses."

"In a recent study, VitroStealth coating was shown to provide a significant advantage in improving the performance of biosensors. The Afinion is the first product to make use of this technology," said DSM Biomedical coatings business manager John Marugg. "We expect that Axis-Shield’s Afinion is the first of many medical products to incorporate the VitroStealth coating technology."

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