Hitachi Medical Corporation is an integrated medical systems manufacturer that focuses on medical equipment, medical information systems, general analysis systems, and medical analysis systems. The company designs and develops medical systems and products that provide patient-focused medical equipment for four medical field areas – diagnostic imaging equipment, in vitro diagnostics, treatment, and bioinformatics. For the prevention and early detection of diseases, Hitachi Medical offers solutions for the laboratory to support early and more accurate testing while using automated testing systems through robotics and integrated data management. The company also provides solutions related to cell production such as automated cell culture equipment, cell processing facilities, and cabinets for regenerative medicine, information system. Hitachi Medical provides diagnostic imaging systems for testing applications, including X-ray, CT, and ultrasonic diagnostic systems. Hitachi Medical applies virtualization of data and storage, Cloud computing, and other data management solutions to enable vendor-neutral information sharing, aggregation, and analysis across the healthcare enterprise. The company also offers advanced medical cable systems, fibre optics, and other medical products.